Six months today until we get married!

Time is flying by – I knew it would, everyone said it happens and yet it is still amazing me.

I’m now feeling that pressure of everyone asking me about elements of the wedding that I am yet to start and feeling that overwhelming stress of thinking how much we still have to do!

I was making Save The Date’s – I have abandoned this idea as we sell some lovely ones ready to write (genuinely it’s not just a sales pitch honest!) and it was far quicker. Instead I decided to spend the time starting the invitations as all these wedding crafts take far longer when you do them than you anticipate when you write a list of everything you want to make .  My sister is currently testing various methods of dying the hundreds of glass jars we’ve collected (huge thank you friends and family).  If it wasn’t for Pinterest clear jars would have been fine but now I’ve seen what a bit of Modge Podge and food colouring can do I must have them dyed!  I realise I’m starting to sound like a bridezilla but this will be nothing compared to what I’m sure the four ushers will think of me when they have to light the hundreds of tealights inside them (they’re all sporty men I’ll turn it into a competition and it will all be fine!).

We now have the wedding ceremony type selected and two special people doing a reading each which we asked them to choose and keep as a surprise on the day.  We visited the town hall again this week and have taken some more photographs to help with the decor planning as it’s surprising how much you forget from the first viewing and how you need to pay attention to different things and ask different questions further down the line.  The other thing I’ve crossed off the to do list is booking the hairdresser.  In the end I’ve opted for someone to come to the house as with three adult bridesmaids, two children bridesmaids and myself trying to organise us all to get to the hairdressers and not having to rush it made sense.  The hairdresser is arriving at 7:30am wow this is apparently fairly standard, who knew!

This month we’re hoping to try to agree on a honeymoon (don’t ask!), bridesmaid dress decisions, invitation making, more glass jar dying and we also must decide on entry, exit and first dance music – we do have a music short list but a decision needs to be made.

At this point six months before although I do feel a little bit stressed about how much we have to do I can say with all this lovely spring sunshine and it feeling closer I am so excited!

Andrea x


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