A long overdue wedding update!

Apologies for the lack of bride to be diary posts it’s been a manic time Mr and all things nice has had an appendicitis following which he’s had some further complications meaning that my mind has been elsewhere and the wedding planning has been put on the back burner – amazing how you can go from being fairly organised to feeling a little disorganised so easily!

We have made bits of progress giving notice with the registrar and we now have our final bridal party asked and accepted.  We asked them with fab magnet cards from Bedcrumb (with the exception of Mr AATN’s friends who he’d already asked!) which I’d seen featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine.  They absolutely loved them and all seemed really surprised to get them in the post so I’m pleased I spent the time ordering them.

Bedcrumb 3 Bedcrumb 2

Bedcrumb was founded in 2007 by designer/illustrator Heidi Cannon with each product made with love and attention to detail in the UK.  With the tag line enjoy browsing and buying and remember to be self-indulgent, eat cake in bed and forget about the bedcrumbs!  I love it I think sometimes you just identify with a brand and the service Heidi has provided has been fantastic.  The cards all arrived really quickly especially in light of them each being personalised and Heidi was really helpful with advising on wording and designs etc.. I could even pick the colour of the envelopes – naturally the girls got pearlised pink!  They are of a really high quality too –  I will definitely be visiting again for cards in the future and absolutely recommend 🙂

We’ve a fairly large bridal party but have managed to include sisters, brother, nieces, nephew, and friends who we know will all make an amazing contribution in their own special ways.

I promise the next update will be sooner this time as I really am now in full speed ahead wedding planning mode!



Links: Bedcrumb:  www.bedcrumb.co.uk


One thought on “A long overdue wedding update!

  1. Super update! I am thrilled, overwhelmed and delighted to be your bridesmaid! The cards were an absolute surprise and such a lovely way to be asked! It’s definitely full steam ahead now and the countdown has begun! Whoop whoop! Xxx


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