Bridal Reloved

I spent a lovely Friday afternoon with Kate the owner of Bridal Reloved in Beverley chatting away all things wedding whilst having a cuppa and chill out on their lovely comfy sofa, yes this was technically work!

Bridal Reloved for those yet to discover it is a selling agency of wedding dresses based in Beverley, East Yorkshire.  They sell wedding dresses on behalf of customers that have either been worn once and cleaned or for whatever reason are unworn.  For brides to be this basically translates to amazing wedding dresses at fantastic prices and for brides who have used their dress a great opportunity to not store their wedding dress in the loft and move house with it six times before finally donating it to charity or the textile bank! 

There is a gorgeous photo on the shelf next to the sofa of Kate’s grandparents on their wedding day and the dress her Grandma wore like many dresses from this era was made into a Christening gown for their children and still remains the family Christening gown now with approximately 24 family babies having worn it!  We are much less likely to put dresses to this use these days for various reasons from lack of time to most of us lacking the required sewing skills so selling your dress on is the obvious modern way to reuse it.

Kate is in excellent spirits despite having back surgery just before Christmas and has every reason to be with a business less than a year old and growing from strength to strength and a diary full of appointments with brides to be.  It’s a fantastic concept which came to Kate after she tried to sell her own wedding dress online via a popular auction site and realised that it’s not as easy as thought as really brides like to see the condition and try on wedding dresses being such an important part of their big day.  After working down south in castings Kate decided to move back to her Yorkshire roots where there was no such selling service and Bridal Reloved was born.

Bridal Reloved 1

The concept behind the business is straight forward all the dresses they take in must either be unworn or cleaned and they charge a 30% commission when the item sells.  Brides like at any other bridal boutique are best making an appointment so they have the lovely large changing room all to themselves and their bridesmaid / mum can have the sofa to watch the twirling!  They charge a maximum of £600 for a wedding dress but also have a rail of dresses under £200.  The designers they have in include Vivian Westwood, Ian Stuart, Maggie Sottero just to name a few.  If there’s one thing us ladies like it’s a bargain!  They also only accept dresses that are less than 5 years old most have which have normally been cleaned and taken straight in so the designs are very current.  To date they have stocked and sold dresses from a size 6 – size 26 so there should be something for everyone to try on size wise.

Bridal Reloved Dress Rail

Should your perfect dress be a size too big or a little too long you need not worry as if you don’t already have someone you know who does adjustments they have Charlotte Tuthill on site above the shop who can do these for you too.  Rather excitedly I’m starting Charlotte’s sewing classes tonight as a side point – I will report back on whether she can work miracles and teach me to sew again!

On the other floor above is also a show room of tiaras etc….So you can literally walk away with your entire wedding day outfit with one friendly visit.

Bridal Reloved Accessories

Kate is full of funny stories my favourite being the time she said to a bride to pop her shoes on to give her some height in the dress and she already had them on, woops! The bride and Kate were both in fits of laughter at this point and this very much sums up how fun and friendly the Bridal Reloved team is.

I highly recommend a visit and a like of their Facebook page so you can see some of the amazing dresses as they get them in.

Due to the success of the business plans are underway to open a classified page on their website due to having such a waiting list for bringing dresses in soon they will have these on the list advertised on the website to provide an additional buying and selling option for brides. 

I wish Kate every success with the expansion plans and below you can find links to their social media sites to keep up to date with the amazing dresses they are getting in.



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