Boutipi Launch

It always worries me when I received e-mails with words “I was talking to your dad today…” , however on this occasion I will say dad I’m impressed! So my dad in his retired status spends much of his time frequenting various coffee places drinking coffee and reading newspapers and bumping into people he knows.  One day he bumped into the lovely ladies from Boutipi who tell him they’re setting up a tipi company which is about to launch and he mentions I have a wedding business and how much I love tipis as we’re having them for our wedding (this I am amazed he remembered as my dad doesn’t always share my enthusiasm for weddings and events and due to my chatty nature does also have a tendency to day dream right through everything I tell him!).  This is how we got to be invited to the amazing Boutipi launch event.

The launch event was held in the grounds of Cottingham Parks Golf Club on Saturday 12th October.  We had an amazing evening the tipis looked stunning and the Boutipi family team had pulled out all the stops to make the event perfect despite weather conditions that weekend being typically British.  A beautiful lit walkway led us to the tipis which were sparkling with fairy lights and roaring log fires (perfect for the chilly evening) and a friendly champagne welcome.  We were treated to a lovely meal and entertained by X Factor contestant Ryan Mathie.  The event was also designed to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation of which through donations and a charity auction they raised over £2000.  The one thing n particular that stood out on the evening aside from the amazing venue was what a close and lovely family they all are and how very easy they would be to work with as both a customer or supplier.

Since the launch event Boutipi have been seen exhibiting at various wedding fairs and we are delighted to be having a stand at their very own first wedding fair at Beverley Race Course on February 16th 2014 showcasing some of our own new products for 2014 inside the amazing tipis.  I’ve every confidence the event will be a success – as many regular readers of my blog will know from both the perspective of being a bride to be and a wedding business owner I am not a huge fan of the ordinary wedding fairs that so many events have become but I have every confidence this will be an amazing wedding exhibition.
Not only will the tipis be used to host the wedding fair on the Sunday but will also be the venue for an event “Valentipi” the new and alternative way to spend Valentines day in style on Friday 14th February.  Details of this will be published on Boutipi’s Facebook and Twitter pages so keep your eyes peeled! (links below)

In the mean time I wish Boutipi every success with their new business







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