Happy Christening Day Prince George

We’re loving the excitement over another Royal event in the Christening of Prince George today. 

It’s lovely that they have opted for a smaller intimate event for Prince George and nice that Kate and William continue to be more modern and move away slightly from former Royal traditions. 

With the decline in Christenings over the years from one child in three Christened in the 1980s to just one child in ten by 2011 they are now the exception as opposed to the norm.  This trend mirrors the decline in church attendees and parents who are married in church and the increase in other options for celebrating a childs birth such as pre birth baby showers and after birth naming ceremonies.  Just from our own group of friends the number who have had their children Christened would reflect the 1 in 10 figure although non of the other children have had a naming ceremony as an alternative so we are yet to experience this as an alternative!

I feel very lucky to be God Mother for two of these children, our lovley niece Evie and my best friend (and bridesmaid!) Samantha’s little girl Charlotte.  I was Christening as a child in the 1980s however I wouldn’t consider myself to be particually religious opting for a non religious wedding ceremony.  I don’t think this detracts from an ablity to provide support and moral guidence for a God child inline with their parents views on how they should be brought up and have always consuidered it a honour to be asked to fulfill this position.  The Christenings we have been to have chosen to remain with the traditional 3 godparents however the average number of God parents has increased over the years with Prince George having 6.

Perhaps we will see an increase in Christenings following Prince George’s Christening – time will tell.

Should you be planning a Christening, baby shower or naming day below are some links to Pinterest Boards we’ve created to inspire your planning.

Christenings & Naming Ceremonies on Pinterest

Baby Shower planning on Pinterest




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