We’re getting married….Diary entry 1

So it happened a couple of months ago now but at long last after holding out over 9 years Mr and all things nice and I are actually getting married.  His excuse for not asking sooner (among not really liking weddings – luckily he works in IT and not with us!) was jokingly that he knows I’ll get carried away and become a bridezilla with my love of all things wedding.  As much as it pains me to admit it, he knows me better than I know myself!

I chose the ring as I have said many times (during conversation as you do!) that I would prefer a vintage one and with the wide variety of styles I think he decided it was a safer option, although I know I would have loved any he would have chosen he’s surprisingly good at present picking for someone who hates shopping.


We’ve set the date 13th September 2014 so plenty of time to make DIY details and hide a few transactions among the household bills – I’m surely not the only bride to be doing this?! Reading wedding blogs, magazines and attending wedding fairs for work has given me that advantage of knowing from day one exactly what I want and so a couple of months in we have booked the town hall in Hornsea, registrar, venue (a field and Papkata teepees), catering, band (we both love live music so ended up booking the date round the band!) and the photographer (the lovely Carly Bevan).  The suits, dresses, cake and flowers I will sort out in January, although I did accidentally buy my wedding shoes as I loved them so much however I do have a year to return them should they definitely not go with the dress.  The transport……well I really hate spending money on a vehicle i’ll be in for all of 15 mins (that is the full return journey) so at the minute my dad can drive me there and we can grab a lift back with someone (my dads car only seats two unless I can convince him to change it before then without further verifying myself as a bridezilla!) is kind of the plan.

Theme wise we’re going country festival style and most of all I want to enjoy the planning and day and not be stressing about exact shade of colours to match the flowers with the bridesmaids so we’re going with mixed pastels (my lovely florist friend Abi from Bohemia Floral Design did suggest I narrow it down by chopping up paint charts and picking what colours I like together so they’re stuck in my wedding planner).


We stopped exhibiting at wedding fairs a couple of years ago after deciding that most brides attending them were in the early planning stages, many without a venue and so as our products are more last phase they didn’t really benefit us enough for the cost of attending them.  I’m not sure if my experience of attending them through work has put me off or how busy we seem to be on weekends, but we’ve managed to book or know who we’re booking supplier wise without attending a single one.  I will confess through work I’ve gained two lovely wedding industry friends, Abi (florist) and Alice (who I hope will create a cake for me when I decide on what to have!) but aside from these all our other suppliers have been through word of mouth recommendations, seeing them at friends weddings, blogs and magazines.  Some brides love wedding fairs and so I’m not saying they don’t work for everyone but right now seeing it from both the bride and supplier side I’m sure we’ve made the right decision to not exhibit at them anymore.

Mr and all things nice’s sister is getting married in a couple of weeks so we’re looking forward to that before planning anymore wedding details but next up is hen do planning, stationery making (the card is on order as a motivator!) and final choosing and asking the Bridal Party – exciting times!

Please feel free to share you experiences, hints, tips etc…




10 thoughts on “We’re getting married….Diary entry 1

  1. Congratulations to you both again! Enjoyed reading your blog, very exciting! What a wonderful wedding its going to be! Xx


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