Festive proposals!

As we head into the festive period it’s one of the most popular times of year for wedding proposals.  Both Christmas and New Year are such happy exciting times what better time to make someone’s Christmas even more special.  I must confess to being a Christmas film romantic too, my favourite being “Love Actually” which I watch every year without fail and still get a tear in my eye.  There tends to be that predictable yet still heart warming proposal in most of the Christmas rom com movies from Harry met Sally to Miracle on 34th street.   We’ve found some great ways of proposing to a loved one this Christmas / New Year and hope they provide you with some inspiration:

Personalised proposal poems.

Amy from I Want a Poem has written several poems for us in the past one for a best man speech and the other as a wedding gift for our lovely friends Alex and Lisa who are travelling round the world and needed transportable presents! (you can read this on their blog half way down this page-ish http://2people1life.com/blog/the-whole-journey/?c=tsw_dids2011&pid=287)   Both were a huge hit and we were amazed at how fast Amy turned around such lovely personalised poems.  A personalised poem either in your Christmas card or wrapped up would make a fantastic proposal gift that would be treasured forever

Marry Me Vintage Card Set

I must confess to being a little obsessed with all things vintage and vintage inspired and fell in love with these gorgeous cards by Primrose & Plum

'Marry Me' Vintage Card Set

Each of the cards comes with its own envelope and is blank inside so how you work this would be up to you – perhaps a treasure hunt with you at the end with a ring?! Or perhaps post one a day?

Message In A Bottle Necklace

Made be Wue another beautiful proposal gift idea.  I’m very in love with this website (even if your not thinking of proposals this website is full of beautiful things – as they describe themselves as purveyors of lovely goods and I would definitely agree!).

{marry me} message in a bottle

A super cute mini glass bottle hand filled with sand and a simple message “marry me” typed with a special vintage typewriter called olivetti dora on a silver plated necklace.  While the necklace is being unwrapped and read, move into the key one knee position – a beautiful fairytale proposal!
Rather apt for this blog post the lovely Tiffany (Wu) herself was proposed to on Christmas Eve so is all in support of the festive romantic magic!

A Marry Me Cappuccino!

I love the idea of catching your loved one by surprise and seeing how long it take to notice the chocolate dust on the cappuccino spells out Marry Me! These coffee duster stencils from Mi-Things are perfect for achieving this effect

Simply hold over a mug / cup and sprinkle over chocolate / cocoa powder, serve and await their suprise and hopefully a yes and much happiness.

If your proposing this festive holiday good luck!

Please feel free to share other product ideas and stories from your proposals below




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