Creating an Olympic party!

At last as we head towards the Olympic opening ceremony we have some lovely sunny weather and on the back of a fantastic British win in the Tour de France we’re finally in a celebratory mood!

Having an Olympic themed party is the perfect excuse to invite over friends and enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather whilst reusing left over bunting and decorations from the Royal Wedding & Diamond Jubilee.

No Olympic party would be complete without some competitive events so here are some ideas to ensure plenty of fun and laughter


Sack race – So we’ve not done it since school be we reckon it’s a cheap and cheerful way to involve children and adults in the game

Egg & Spoon race – it’s a classic and so easy to do just don’t forget to boil the eggs first!

Hula Hoop – see who can do it for the longest! You can even buy them in Olympic ring colour bundles


Olympic paper chains

If you have children at home and are looking for activities to do (or your an adult with an inner child like us!) why not make some paper chains in the colours of the olympic rings simply cutting short (approx 15cm) strips of paper in blue, black, red, yellow and green and then looping them together securing with glue or a stapler (adult supervision required when cutting & stapling)

Olympic Torch

Another easy DIY party decoration simply roll a large sheet of card into a cone shape and stick in either tissue, crepe paper or ideally cello in yellow and orange coming out in flame shapes then attach to a garden cane or old sweeping brush handle for your own Olympic torch

We also have some great decorations for your party including union jack bunting, union jack cupcake flags and party bowls for snacks in blue , red & white – great ways to support team GB at your Olympic party!

Food Ideas

BBC Good Food Website has a full section dedicated to Olympic Party recipes

Our favourites are the Gold Medal Millionaire Shortbreads and the Velodrome cake!

Fish & Chips is also an easy theme for the food and chips look even more British in our Fish & Chip Cones

A basic cupcake recipe and then frosted or iced can easily be transformed into an olympic theme with metallic edible spray available in almost every colour and perfect in bronze,silver & gold!  These are available at most cake decorating stores and even on Amazon

For drinks we found some great ideas for Olympic themed cocktails on pinterest:

We’ve created an Olympic Party ideas board on Pinterest so pop over to see more ideas for your party

Feel free to comment below with what your doing to celebrate the Olympics and any party ideas you have



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