Fun Fair Party Theme

We’re loving these new products that have recently arrived to create the perfect fun fair themed party that adults and children will both love.

The range consists of a high quality coated card three tier cake stand designed as a helter skelter this also comes with stickers to enable you to personalise the cake stand to the occasion these include Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Sweet Treats & Roll Up Roll Up:

For the buns that you place on the cake stand the cake cases and toppers match perfectly

These cute cocktail napkins and chip cones are the perfect way to serve your party snacks

Finally a fair themed party wouldn’t be complete without some fair games – the range has three and at only £5.99 each they’re value entertainment for all ages:

(1) Village Idiot Wet Sponge Throwing Game – A reversible card cut-out with a different design on each side, plus 3 sponges

(2) Tin Can Alley Game – 6 sturdy card tins to pile up and 6 paper balls to take turns knocking them down

(3) Treasure Map Game – 1 treasure map, 1 grid sheet, 1 sticker sheet and a winner’s card and envelope. Select a square to hide your treasure, whoever chooses the square is the winner

To make sure everyone knows where to find all the food / entertainment / toilets there is a pack of co-ordinating hanging signs directing them with two blank ones for you to complete as you choose.

We’ve put together some great ideas to go with the range below too:

  • Juggling competition
  • Apple bobbing  – get as many apples out of the bowl of water as fast as you can using your mouth (hands tied behind your back)
  • Bunting and bunches of balloons for decorations
  • Candy Table – perhaps add a small chocolate fountain or candy floss maker, we had a quick look online and new they can be purchased for about £25 or perhaps try picking one up second hand on Ebay or similar.
  • Add some paper straws to cups of lemonade for your drinks

If you have anymore please feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the blog!


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