Using Pinterest to plan your Wedding or Party

We’ve become absolutely hooked on Pinterest since we decided to have a look what all the hype was about.  We’d avoided it for this long because lets face it between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus we wondered how we could (a) have time for another social media platform and (b) a worry that it would be more of the same old photo posting and updates already found on Facebook.  How wrong we were!


The purpose of Pinterest                

It really is a miracle this hasn’t been thought of or become popular before recently.  Lots of us have spent years cutting recipes from magazines, ideas for the soon to be decorated bathroom and of course ideas for our weddings, from printed media. however with the explosion of online magazines, blogs, social media and online shopping it only follows that we should be able to create albums to post great ideas we see on them for future reference.  It’s like having a recipe file, wedding planner, home decorating scrap book all in one place.

For the purpose of this blog post we’ll discuss how to use if for wedding planning (easily applied to party planning) but as mentioned above you can have a board for almost everything.

Wedding Planning On Pinterest

When wedding planning there are so many online resources and ideas it’s so easy to spend ages in the future trewling the internet looking for that perfect detail you saw “somewhere” months ago but now so badly need to locate.  With Pinterest all you need to do when you spot something is to create a pin by either pasting the wesite url into Pinterest or downloading the Pinterest toolbar icon so you can simply click on it and then attach it to your relevant board.  Here are some great ideas for boards you can create for your wedding

  • Wedding details I love
  • Bouquet ideas
  • Examples of wedding photography I love
  • Wedding dress ideas
  • Invitation ideas
  • Wedding cakes I like
  • Purple (or any other colour) ideas
  • DIY wedding how to

The list is endless but hopefully this gives the general idea.  As your wedding planning evolves you can change your boards deleting and adding pins as you need to. 

The other huge plus to Pinterest are the wide variety of how to guides also found on there so for couples wanting to make some details for the wedding day there are simple instructions for many ideas a few of our favourites are below:

How to make tissue pom poms

Making a DIY Photobooth

Pinterest Tips

Many companies and bloggers now use pinterest too so if you are already using them or like a particular bloggers style it’s a good idea to follow them on Pinterest to keep up to date with new products and ideas.  Our Pinterest account should you want to follow our board is:

Do remember though Pinterest isn’t essential in wedding planning it’s designed for enjoyment and to help, so if you find yourself having a meltdown at all the ideas on there do try to remember this and that exhausting yourself making DIY touches and over styling are not the desired effect.  We recommend like we did adding a board called Funny Things so amidst the wedding planning you get to update a board with things that make you smile here’s ours so far:

Also try to avoid pinning ideas you either won’t have time to make or can’t afford as revisting these on your perfect wedding details board will spoil the wedding planning process instead looking at all the acheivable things will make you feel more positive and give you an accurate idea of how your wedding is going to look.

Lastly sadly there is always a downside to social media platforms and Pinterests is copyright – there has been a lot of discussion on this but the main thing to really try and remember is to make sure you pin from the owners website or blog and Pinterest should then always link back to this and show it on the pin.  If you save an image to your computer and then upload it without mentioning where the item / idea is from this could potentially cause problems.  Most suppliers will be greatful of the coverage hence many of us being on pinterest ourselves however it’s also worth thinking about how suggesting handmade items could be made yourself or cheaper in the comments could cause offence to the image owner.  So have fun and as with everything think about others when pinning 🙂

If you try Pinterest do let us know how you get on and what you find useful and if you already use it any advice you would offer is also welcome by commenting below 





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