Christmas Countdown Offers Day 4!

Behind door number 4 on our Christmas countdown offers advent calender we’re giving away free UK delivery when you purchase the Jolly Good Show Bluffers game.  Simply add this item to your basket and quote DAY4 in the promotional code box when checking out to get free delivery on your entire order!

While you are passing round the port exercise your creative talents as a bluffer! This lively after dinner game calls on you to invent meanings for wacky words, unusual abbreviations, fanciful folklore and oddball obscurities.

Each player takes it in turns to choose a card. The card is then read out to the rest of the group. Each player must invent a definition. The definitions are then read out to the group and each player votes for which answer they believe to be true. Gain points for guessing the right answers. Points are also awarded if other players vote for your bluff.

Contents: 100 cards; 4 categories; Folklore, Abbreviations, Obscurities and Words. 6 pencils. 1 score pad. 1 answer sheet pad.

Available whilst stocks of the Jolly Good Show Bluffers game last!


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