Supplier Spotlight Sunday with Jon Keith Diamonds

This weeks supplier spotlight Sunday features Jon Keith Diamonds what better words to hear in a sentance together than cheaper than the high street diamonds… people who know me will know Mr AATN is yet to produce a diamond ring so maybe a viewing of todays blog post will convince him (shush about the actual cost of the wedding!)

What does your company do

Jon Keith Diamonds specialise in Bespoke Diamond Jewellery – from Engagament & Wedding Rings to earrings and necklaces.  

What makes your company unique and different

Based in Hatton Garden, Jon works within the trade and actually supplies the shops, so he can offer the same products much cheaper than the High Street.  Normally a ‘trade’ only service, Jon is opening up his doors to the general public so they can now miss out the middle man and have there very own Diamond Dealer!

What services do you offer bride’s and groom’s to be

We offer an appointment only service, where B&Gs can either visit us in our office in Hatton Garden or we take our product to there home or place of work, whichever makes it easier for them. I then advise them and guide them through the Wedding Ring buying process.  We have samples which our clients can try on and play with until they find exactly what they are looking for.  Bespoke items are then handmade which can take upto two weeks. We keep our clients 100% informed at all times so they have one less thing to worry about.  We offer a similar service across the UK, but all meetings/consultations are made via email and phone. 

What is your most popular product/service this year, and why do you think this is

In all honesty, there is never a ‘popular product’ as each of our couples are very individual.  As our work is Bespoke they can literally have exactly what they are after! However, our new ‘Finger Print’ range is proving a popular alternative to the traditional engraving inside a Wedding Band.

Why do you like working in the wedding industry

Mostly because every day is different.  I like interacting with people – and a Wedding is always a very exciting time for our clients so its nice to be surrounded by that atmosphere all the time.

Why do you think couples choose your company as opposed to your competitors

Because they like quality products at a very good price. We only use top specification Diamonds and precious stones, but as we are within the trade our prices are low.  We also have a fast turnaround and great customer relations (if i do say so myself haha!)

What single piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding

Go with your gut instinct.  You often see people trying to fit inside a box labelled ‘The Perfect Wedding’, when we think your Wedding should be a perfect fit to you.  The day is about you as a couple, you will never please everyone, but as long as you two are happy thats all that matters. 

If couples are on a tight budget what special offers are you currently providing

We dont have special offers per say, but as discussed previously, we cut out the ‘middle man’ so all our products are very reasonably priced already. 

What makes a perfect wedding day

The only thing that makes a ‘Perfect Wedding Day’ is a happy Bride and Groom…..and a gorgeous Wedding ring of course ;o)

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