Supplier Spotlight Sunday with The Vanilla Bakery

We’ve had a little move around and changed our wedding supplier Wednesday to “Supplier Spotlight Sunday” and what better way to start it off than with cake! So today we talk to The Vanilla Bakery:

What does your company do?

At The Vanilla Bakery we make outstanding centrepiece cupcake towers, Cookie and Macaron Favours.

What makes your company unique and different?

Once people taste our cupcakes, they realise how very different they are from standard cupcakes. They are made with a unique patisserie buttercream, which is then infused with delicious fruit purees, juices, and liqueurs. We also have no limit on our imagination, from creating a wild butterfly garden cupcake tower, which uses real grass and butterflies, to a delicate traditional rose tower, with handmade sugar roses.

What services do you offer brides and groom’s to be?

We work closely with our prospective bride and grooms, to really find out their style, this is an integral part of being able to achieve their dream wedding cakes. We liaise with the chosen venue, and personally deliver and set up each tower. We often feel like working elves, creating a beautiful centrepiece and then disappearing into thin air!

What is your most popular product/service this year, and why do you think this is?

Our cupcakes are always in demand, but we’re starting to have new requests too which is very exciting. We recently provided a rainbow of array of Macaron for a very stylish bride, who was having a vintage tea party style celebration. We love new challenges, and as a patisserie anything can be achieved.

 What trend are you noticing amongst your wedding clientele?

The modern bride is very aware of the latest trends and styles. They research well, and always have a good idea of what they would like. Cupcakes of course are still the most popular but the desire is to now have handmade accents, and to tie the whole theme together with matching cutting cake, and cookie favors.

 Why do you like working in the wedding industry?

At The Vanilla Bakery we adore being part of such a special moment in a couple’s life. The satisfaction from making their dream come true really is the very best of feelings.

 Why do you think couples choose your company as opposed to your competitors?

Flavour, flavour, flavour! This shouldn’t be a unique selling point, but we’ve found it really is. Our cakes taste as good as they look. From Madagascan vanilla crammed with our own summer fruits, to a chocolate orange which uses the juice, zest and oil of the orange, which is then laced with Triple Sec. Our cupcake and Macaron utopia is a world away from a dried up fruitcake.

 What single piece of advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

Make sure that you only deal with people that you can trust to take that one element of your special day off your hands. The run up to a wedding can be so stressful, and you don’t want to feel that you have to keep checking on your supplier’s progress. That ‘tick off the list’ bliss really is worth its weight in gold in those last few stressful weeks.

 If couples are on a tight budget what special offers are you currently providing?

We don’t provide special offers as such, because every bride is special, and the last thing she wants to feel is that she is purchasing a budget tower. Our starting prices are very reasonable, so a bride can choose to layer on how many extra details she wants. A beautiful tower is utterly achievable, if having to work to a budget. To quote a recent client of ours – ‘If we had a million pounds to spend, we wouldn’t have changed a single thing’.

 What makes a perfect wedding day?

A perfect wedding day is one where the bride and groom haven’t lost sight of what their wedding day is all about. It’s oh so easy to get caught up in the details and planning, and still feel like you’re organising as you’re walking down the aisle! My one piece of advice is to hand over and trust the people you have employed. From the moment the day begins, it’s about being surrounded with love and laughter, and to start enjoying all the wonderful details that you’ve planned so carefully.

The Vanilla Bakery have a website where you can see more of their lovely cakes :

You don’t even have to be getting married to sample their yummy cakes as they are at Bury St Edmunds market on a Saturday and you can enjoy their treats all week at Thetford Garden Centre


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