Fun Friday – Ensuring a fun evening reception

If you’re worried about your evening reception being a little flat if guests feel tired after the wedding service and breakfast  (particularly if your service is early)and your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring a band there are lots of ways to overcome this.

Most venues will have guests leave the room after the daytime reception while they clean up for the evening reception.  This is a good time to give the room a different feel for the evening, from changing the table confetti perhaps from petals to crystals or sparkly foil confetti, placing party poppers on the tables,  introducing balloons, lighting tea lights, incorporating fairy lights etc…. 

Here are some other ideas to help your guests stay in that celebratory mood:

Purchase some inflatable guitars, microphones etc…. for some true dance floor air guitar (some DJs bring these with them now along with bubbles machines etc… so it’s worth asking!):

They were a huge hit at my lovely friends Samantha & Matthews wedding (thank you Sam for the photos!):

A spot of guest karaoke – it’s an idea like Marmite you’ll love or hate it!

Most people love a good firework display:

Or you could hire a Casino table – good for keeping the people who don’t like to dance socialising!

Photobooths (or a trusty friend with a camera if the budget doesn’t stretch) can be a good way of capturing the evening guests too and have more of a fun informal look then the wedding photographer shots – perhaps include a dressing up box and let your guests surprise you!

Feel free to comment below with other ideas you’ve seen at weddings or something you are having at your own wedding


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