Wedding Supplier Wednesday – Featuring Diamon’T

With a vision to be the world brand leader in designer diamante, crystal-embellished bridal, fun clothing complete with sparkling accessories and to be the best supplier of bespoke rhinestone corporate design Diamon’T answer questions on this years popular products:

1) What are the hottest products this season for new bride’s?

Fabulous personalized Bikini’s complete with FREE beach bag!



2) Why did you set the company up?

I was inspired a good friend invited me to her wedding and the morning after her wedding she surprised her husband by wearing her new surname hand painted on a T-shirt, I was immensely impressed and new hubby was very pleased, observing other peoples reaction, I had a flash of inspiration and Diamon’T was born!

3) What’s the most popular product for hens?

Sparkling Personalized party T shirts and hen party T shirts, closely followed by the hand-made Hen Books

4) What’s the most popular product for brides?
Our Gorgeous sparkling Just Married Flip Flops are always a great hit, they leave an impression of Just Married in the sand, really cute and of course we have a great hen party collection featuring lots of fun products, the brides and her friends love or handmade personalized Hen Party Book.


5) Why do you think the Diamon’T personalised Bikinis are such a success?

 It’s a very cute way of celebrating your new married name and declaring to the world your new marital status, not to mention enjoying hubby’s glow of pride!

6) What kind of feedback do you often get from brides?

Exceptional and usually wrapped with Joy and excitement!!

11) Do you have a favourite hen night look – what should hen’s look like in 2010?

Check out our website, we feature a girl wearing a sparkling TUTU, leggings, and  diamante T-shirt, amazing impact, comfortable, chic, fun, sparkling and hides a multitude of sins if required!
With shiny pumps or great boots!

13) What inspires you to make new collection ideas?

 We look for innovation, romance, fun and something that makes you feel good, It has to enhance the brides experience both before and after her big day so I could be seeing anything anywhere, I have a nose for seeking something a little different, Thus Diamon’T are the originators’. If it ticks the right boxes and I can modify it for my Brides, then we will seek to design, make and market it

14) What makes a good honeymoon wardrobe for brides?

 Lounge suit consisting relaxed fit trouser, Hooded top with wide front so it does not spoil hair or makeup, Diamon’T shorts are suitable for Beach Bed and breakfast! Lounge pants/hooded top and vest for relax, travel, for spa. The Diamon’T honeymoon wardrobe consists of Bikini, sun cap, beach bag with integral purse for sun cream or passport, mobile, Flip flops, Just married towel.

In addition a few lose fitting kaftans make great cover up’s and cane be dressed up or down and are sooo easy to pack. I might want a lightweight printed maxi dress suitable for both candle lit beach dinners and relaxed shopping sprees and some dazzling sandals for dinner. The obligatory cool shades and if room a floppy sun hat for the shopping days. Strappy tops for the shorts and lots of sun protection and lip gloss!

Diamon’T products are stocked at most high quality bridal and wedding stores and through their website


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