Wedding dilemmas – Table Plan Issues!

In the third of our wedding dilemmas one of the most complicated tasks “The Table Plan”!

The table plan can be one of the most stressful wedding planning tasks and timed so badly when all the collecting of things and last-minute jobs are being done we have the table plan to put together.  It would be great not to have one and to save the headache of planning it, I do wonder how that works as I can imagine people moving seats and tables to sit near people they know.  I am yet to go to a sit down meal wedding with no table plan so genuinely I’m guessing on this one – anyone who has been to one any comments and views below would be much appreciated!

Other ways to help with the tables working out in even numbers can be to mix people up a bit.  I have been to two weddings where this has happened and I have to say despite some of our below past brides worries we had a fabulous time at both (although anyone who knows me will know that talking admittedly isn’t an issue for me!).  Wedding number one was my lovely friend Becki who I know had friends in different groups due to going away to uni and then moving to another city entirely after this.  Becki sat friends in couples with at least one other couple they knew already and then some other friends – it worked really well as you already have one thing in common the bride & groom and fabulous stories to share about them as well as being able to put faces to names the bride and groom have mentioned in passing over the years.  As soon as the meal was over people did mingle a lot and I think this is partly due to moving around to chat with friends on other tables.  The second wedding was my cousins – we really didn’t know any of my cousins friends and were attending with my sister and her husband and my dad and his partner so assumed we would be seated together.  My dad and partner were actually seated with some of his half cousins he hadn’t seen in years and we were sat with my sister and husband and the grooms cousins, again we had a fabulous time and it’s nice to have met some lovely people.  People worry far too much about seating people together it is perhaps an hour or so of a full day and so really won’t prove disastrous as long as the pairings are considered!

As always in our dilemmas features below are what some past brides thought about mixing guests up and their table plan headaches!:

“I tended to seat people who knew each other together which i felt would promote a more relaxed atmosphere as conversation would be more free-flowing rather than awkward small talk! There seemed no point mixing up because I’d doubt anyone would make life long friends out of it or stay in contact. There were some tables where I had to put guests who did not know each other together. In these cases I tended to put them together according to age and if I thought they would get on with each other. ”

” I think the kindest thing to do is put people together who know one another or at least you think may get on, it’s a long time to be sat around with people you don’t know!”

“Table plan was probably the biggest challenge of all, we must have changed our table plan at least 10 times and considered mixing things up, eventually we decided we wanted our guests to feel as comfortable as possible so put guests together that already knew each other.”

” I found the table planning the most stressful thing as I tried to keep family together and groups of friends that knew each other together, but did have to mix a few in the end.  I thought as long as they were on a table with at least one other couple they knew it was fine. ”

“table planning was a bit of a pain with a couple of people whose paths shouldn’t cross. In the end people were grouped and a homemade sign was stuck to an empty wine bottle to point people to the right table….. We had a table from each of our work places, a friends table and a family table.”

All our brides at least agree that it’s one of the most stressful tasks and neatly fitting the tables to be as even as possible can result in lots of complicated sketches and crossings out here are suggestions to help save the forest of paper and the headache!

The techy but easy to use way: Top Table Planner

We love this software for only £10 you have 6 months access to this software that does all of the below for you:

  • Easily drag and drop guests and tables
  • Import guestlists from Word or Excel
  • Different types and sizes of table
    • Round, square and rectangular
  • Store guest meal choices and RSVPs
  • Highlight different guest types
  • Add cake/gift tables, dance floors etc
  • Give each table its own unique name
  • Easily add and remove seats from existing tables
  • Print table plans from A4/Letter right up to A1 size (examples on their website)
  • Print your own place cards
  • Print escort cards
  • Print a guestlist showing who’s at eac table (useful for handing to Ushers to help people looking lost)
  • Choose from a number of different fonts
  • Add a title and subtitle to your plan
  • Save your plans securely on their servers (Save different versions to see what works best upto 5 plans)
  • Access and edit your plans whenever you’re online (From home, work, your parents’…)
  • Login from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone (TopTablePlanner works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.)
  • No software download required
  • Free E-mail support
  • 7 Day money back guarantee

The Non techy but slightly better than scribbling the same names on paper over and over again way

If you prefer the totally non techy option then like Monica in “Friends” use mini sticky notes to write guests names on then draw tables on a board and keep moving the sticky notes round until they fit this should save lots of scribbling out, although watch the sticky doesn’t wear off!

Below are some other great articles on table planning that may help too:

Please leave comments and table plan tips below


Andrea x



The Ritz Showbar & Function Suite Hull

A few weeks ago I visited the Ritz Showbar and Function Suite in Hull during their first wedding fair. They had pulled out all the stops and created a very welcoming atmosphere for brides and grooms and perfectly promoted their new packages with a clear pricing structure for the budget savvy brides and grooms:

Ritz Packages                                     Ritz Event Flyer

The excellent array of suppliers included :

Ritz Business Cards 4             Ritz Business Cards 2

Ritz Business Cards 3               Ritz Business Cards

The catwalk display was courtesy of Bridal Reloved from Beverley with a gorgeous display of some of their pre owned gowns.

It was lovely to see their first event so full of couples and to meet the lovely handpicked suppliers amidst the beautifully decorated suite.

Photographs below by Tom Astell Wedding Photographer with thanks

Ritze Wedding Fair 1 Ritze Wedding Fair 3 Ritze Wedding Fair 4 Ritze Wedding Fair 5


The function suite is available to hire for weddings, parties and many more events.  Most recently ready for the summer season they have just launched their afternoon teas “Afternoon Tea at The Ritz” . Vikki from Get Married In Yorkshire and I were lucky enough to attend their afternoon teas launch event, following a warm welcome we were treated to full afternoon tea accompanied by the lovely background music of David Barton – award winning pianist.  We also met the owner Steve who aside from creating an impressive venue has also polished up all the vintage Ellerman Wilson Line tea and coffee pots from a very tarnished state to a very presentable shiny silver.  Lots of hard work has gone into the venue and it really shows they really are a very passionate team of people.  The afternoon teas will take place fortnightly on a Wednesday from 2pm  and are a very reasonable at £12.95 a head or £15 a head with a glass of bubbly – a perfect excuse for a get together, hen party or baby shower party.  Vikki and I cetertainly enjoyed our afternoon!

Afternoon Tea photo 1 Afternoon Tea photo 2 Afternoon Tea Photo 3 Afternoon Tea Photo 4


You can keep up to date with all events held at the Ritz Showbar and Function Suite on their Facebook page :


New Wedding / Event Craft Classes

We are delighted to introduce our new craft classes designed for weddings or events such as parties and anniversaries.

The first of these will take part on 26th April near Beverley, East Yorkshire in Hutton Cranswick.

The workshops cover making a range of garlands and hanging decorations to table decoration ideas and stationery.  Everyone on the course will get to take home all items made on the day and be shown some extra tips for creating low cost effective decorations for your wedding or event.

The classes are limited in size and pre booking is compulsary.

Full Day Wedding DIY Workshop

– Garlands

– Hanging Decorations

– Stationery stamping & creating

– Wedding favour ideas and examples

The course runs 10:30am – 3:30pm and includes lunch and refreshments, free parking on site and all materials.

£50 per person or bring and friend (mum / bridesmaid or willing helper!) and save £10 with our dual person £90 fee

This also sparks the start of some new fortnightly craft blog posts (which won’t cover things from the class but some other ideas to complement the classes) so watch this space for top DIY wedding tips!


Liebster Award Nomination

I’d delighted to find out that our blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award.  The lovely Events Blogger Becki Cross  (Events Northern Director, blogger at and also a collaborative partner of the National UK Blog Awards) has nominated us – thanks Becki!


About the Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is for bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers and uses the following guidelines:

  • thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog
  • display the award “badge” on your blog
  • answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  • list 11 random facts about yourself
  • nominate up to 11 bloggers and let them know you have nominated them
  • set 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated
  • post a comment on the blog post of the person that nominated you so they can read the post

Becki posted this very useful link which I’ve also used to help understand the award and rules: The Official Rules Of The Liebster Award.

Becki’s questions to me

1. Explain your blogging journey

I started the blog to help promote our business to be honest I always struggled for things to write and to find the time and point in updating the blog. However as blogs have become more popular and I read many myself I decided to look at the reasons I like particular blogs and came up with the following – they were personal as opposed to too sell sell sell, they were varied and the information was useful.  When my partner and I decided to get married this then lead me to starting to introduce a more personal vibe with readers something I enjoy on other people’s blogs.  I think to truly develop a blog you have to read other blogs to understand what you enjoy about them whether they be related to your work, home, wedding etc… (I read blogs on all these areas and the best bit it saves you a fortune on magazines!).  Becki became a partner in the newly formed National UK Blog Awards but at that time I didn’t feel in a position to enter despite Becki’s enthusiasm for us to and have consequently promised myself and her we will be entering with a more award worthy blog this year!

2. What do you love most about blogging?

The opportunity to be able to write about subjects, suppliers and issues I enjoy discussing and making the time to research and gain additional information or thoughts on that area that I otherwise wouldn’t sit back and find the time to do and also to engage with followers on these subjects.

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

A morning person – I’m better at being a little more of both in summer but in winter after 9pm I will be highly unproductive snuggled under a throw with a hot chocolate!

4. In your opinion who is the best 90s band or artist?

That is a tough one – as a teenager in the 90s all the music reminds me of great times even if not all the music looking back was all that great but if push came to shove I would have to go with Oasis so many fabulous songs that I would still happily listen to today followed very closely by the Stereophonics whose music I grew to love more from the 90s onwards (along with Kelly Jones!)

5. What makes you mad?

I could write a whole blog post on this I absolutely belong on grumpy old women! To cut it short:  fakeness (of people that is), road traffic cones and no workers, people who litter the streets, lorries overtaking lorries on the motorway, but most of all rudeness (lacking of manners,  ignorance, queue pushers and general rude people!)

6. Dog or cat?

I love most animals dogs and cats included but as a Golden Retriever owner I have to pick dogs!

7. What is your main aim/ambition in life?

To be happy.  For me that has always meant the right work life balance, the ambition to see lots of things and spend time with the people who mean the most to me and to always keep learning new things.

8. What are your blogging goals?

To keep the blog going as a start as it’s so easy when I’m particularly busy to put it off and keep putting it off until it becomes to big to quickly pick back up again but over time I hope it becomes a separate complementary side to our business.

9. What is your favourite book of all time?

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, in fact all three of his books are fabulous.  I also loved the Twilight Series (much to my own surprise), anything by Sophie Kinsela makes me literally laugh out loud, I love crime fiction too anything by Mary Higgins Clarke, Gillian Flyn or Karen Slaughter and my favourite feel good book would have to be Written In The Stars by Sarah Ball.  I love to read and try to make time for it, just not always succeeding!

7. Would you carry on blogging even if no-one read your posts?

Yes because I assume people give up on blogging too easily – I have a couple of times so should know!  Like with any project you have to give it time and learn lessons while doing it to perfect it into something people will read.

8. What is your favourite flower?

Peony – beautiful soft large flowers my absolute favourite just a shame they don’t have a longer season.

11 random facts about me

  • I also do an upholstery hobby course
  • I am a Hollyoaks addict (I watch / record the E4 First Look Hollyoaks!)
  • I’m a Macmillan fundraising volunteer – after loosing my mum almost 5 years ago to cancer and the phenomenal support they provide I think it’s important to give back even if you can only spare an hour a month for a charity close to you.
  • Before starting and all things nice I used to be a trainee management accountant after completing an Economics degree (I love Economics but a career with figures goodness knows what I was thinking!)
  • If I won the lottery I would be most excited to be able to justify paying someone to do the ironing and never having to do it again!
  • I’m currently when I have time researching my family tree I just regret not having started it when my grandparents were alive so many questions come from it and it’s too late to ever have them answered.
  • I used to play the flute in school and wish I kept it up as now I can’t even remember how to read music
  • The album I have playing at the minute is the Brit Awards 2014 – trying to stay in touch with being young!
  • I love lists!
  • I dream of living in a country cottage small holding
  • I’m trying and currently failing to do crochet – I will master it!

I nominate the following blogs/bloggers:

  1.  @getmarriedyorks
  2. @LynndaOHS
  3. @Yvonnegreen
  4. @PhoebeWedding
  5. @sellmywedding
  6. @Jessie_Thomson
  7. @IWantAPoem
  8. @BrideandBeauty
  9. @GarnetLee

My questions to the nominated bloggers

  1. When did you start blogging and why?
  2. What is your pet hate?
  3. Where do you find inspiration for your blogging?
  4. What is your perfect Saturday night?
  5. What is your favourite childhood candy sweet?
  6. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  7. What is your favourite film of all time?
  8. What piece of advice would you give to a younger you?
  9. What 5 products could you not live without?
  10. What is your favourite part of a wedding?
  11. Vintage or new?

Nominated bloggers – don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to your blog post below so I can have a read!

Six months today until we get married!

Time is flying by – I knew it would, everyone said it happens and yet it is still amazing me.

I’m now feeling that pressure of everyone asking me about elements of the wedding that I am yet to start and feeling that overwhelming stress of thinking how much we still have to do!

I was making Save The Date’s – I have abandoned this idea as we sell some lovely ones ready to write (genuinely it’s not just a sales pitch honest!) and it was far quicker. Instead I decided to spend the time starting the invitations as all these wedding crafts take far longer when you do them than you anticipate when you write a list of everything you want to make .  My sister is currently testing various methods of dying the hundreds of glass jars we’ve collected (huge thank you friends and family).  If it wasn’t for Pinterest clear jars would have been fine but now I’ve seen what a bit of Modge Podge and food colouring can do I must have them dyed!  I realise I’m starting to sound like a bridezilla but this will be nothing compared to what I’m sure the four ushers will think of me when they have to light the hundreds of tealights inside them (they’re all sporty men I’ll turn it into a competition and it will all be fine!).

We now have the wedding ceremony type selected and two special people doing a reading each which we asked them to choose and keep as a surprise on the day.  We visited the town hall again this week and have taken some more photographs to help with the decor planning as it’s surprising how much you forget from the first viewing and how you need to pay attention to different things and ask different questions further down the line.  The other thing I’ve crossed off the to do list is booking the hairdresser.  In the end I’ve opted for someone to come to the house as with three adult bridesmaids, two children bridesmaids and myself trying to organise us all to get to the hairdressers and not having to rush it made sense.  The hairdresser is arriving at 7:30am wow this is apparently fairly standard, who knew!

This month we’re hoping to try to agree on a honeymoon (don’t ask!), bridesmaid dress decisions, invitation making, more glass jar dying and we also must decide on entry, exit and first dance music – we do have a music short list but a decision needs to be made.

At this point six months before although I do feel a little bit stressed about how much we have to do I can say with all this lovely spring sunshine and it feeling closer I am so excited!

Andrea x

Wedding dilemas – Should I add plus ones to single guests invitations?

In the second of our wedding dilemas we’re looking at whether single guests invitations should always have a plus one.

Call me harsh but unless the person doesn’t know anyone else at the wedding I would personally say no.  At the end of the day most couples deliberate for weeks on end who to invite to their wedding so the guest list doesn’t become out of control along with the budget.  We started with a large guest list in the first place in comparison to many weddings but still there are people I know Mr AATN would like to upgrade from evening to day and so to invite a guest we’ve never even met and really probably won’t be very interested in the wedding itself would seem inappropriate.  We would naturally sit single guests with groups of people they already know and if we did have a single guest who didn’t really know anyone we would invite them with a plus one.  Again I think most reasonable people wouldn’t expect you to pay for a stranger to attend your wedding especially at venues with food and drinks packages which often result in you paying upwards of £70 a head with canapes, food, drinks, evening buffet etc…

Advice from our group of now married brides on how they handled the issue:

“We didn’t add plus one’s to single guest invitations because it was such a small do, however some evening guests did contact us before the day to ask if we minded them bringing along their mum/new partner etc. and as we had a clearer idea of confirmed numbers by then and as some people weren’t able to make it we had spaces and were then able to say ‘yes of course you can'”

 “We did add plus ones to ours which was fine, there wasn’t many single people but a guest did bring an aquaintence who wasn’t invited who tried to smuggle drink in!!”
“Plus one only if you have the room and only if you can afford it.”

“I didn’t invite any friends or extended family guests to the actual ceremony, only parents were invited. It wasn’t to exclude anyone but hubby is intensely private and didn’t want an audience. The venues webcam let me get the audience I wanted but without the groom feeling like he was on show. Everyone else could watch on the webcam either in groups, on their own or anyone else they were with at the time of the ceremony (they could have been on a bus watching it on their phone surrounded by strangers!!!)”

“This wasn’t so much of a problem at our wedding as most people we knew were married or in long term relationships. We had one single friend, I didn’t put a plus one on the invite as I didn’t want some random person coming to my wedding reception and paying for a meal for someone I didn’t know but I did agree to her bring a friend for the night do which wasn’t so bad.”

Other great advice on this I’ve found at :

Is this proving an issue for you? Any thoughts or advice always welcome below



Wedding dilemas – Should I ask children to our wedding….

Chatting to engaged couples over the years, other suppliers, friends and family getting married and now getting married ourselves there seems to be some common awkward decisions to make which should be so easy.  With the help of some now married brides over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at a few of them starting with the below guide to should I invite children to our wedding:

Should I Ask Children to Our Wedding

There isn’t a definitive yes and no answer but it is a question that manages to cause heated discussions and strong opinions.

For us we have met in what I hope is a middle ground and hope we’ve not offended anyone but we will invite family children as our day wouldn’t be the same without them and they all form part of our bridal party: bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys.  We have also chatted to friends who will be travelling for the weekend without any family here and made sure they know that although we are not having children as a whole if they don’t feel comfortable leaving their children for this amount of time that we are more than happy to have them there.  I also hope that our friends who are struggling to make it without their children would let us know and we can accommodate this.  When chatting to friends casually about the topic most of them love the opportunity to enjoy a day without worrying about any crying, disappearing children etc… and to be able to let their hair down and have a few drinks and in the mean time grandparents / aunties etc… can bond with their special mini people as baby sitters for the day.

Views from some now married brides most of which are now mums:

“At our wedding, the only children were in the bridal party, with the exception of my cousins who brought their very small ones as they were staying the night and didn’t have child care. I personally like having the opportunity of going to a wedding and not having to worry about a toddler running around, getting tired and whiny and I can dance into the wee hours! Our daughter is an angel most of the time but I wouldn’t take her on a night out so why take her to a wedding where I’d be conscious about drinking and would spend the night running round after her whilst my husband propped the bar up, lol!”

“I had just 40 guests and an evening wedding so the only child was my little sister. I think it’s your day and you get to have it which ever way you like and accept you cant please everyone.”

“We were originally quite open to the idea of inviting children to our wedding and asked a few friends what their thoughts were on this and the majority actually preferred to come without their children as they would find the day more relaxing and not have to leave early due to tired children! So to keep things simple we just stuck to family children being invited and everyone seemed happy!
I think it depends on whose wedding I am attending as to whether or not I feel like the children should be invited, if it was a family wedding I would probably be disappointed if my children weren’t invited, but to a friends wedding I wouldn’t mind either way and like my friends would probably enjoy a relaxing, child free day for a change!”

“We didn’t invite other peoples children which is probably quite a strange thing to do as we had our own there and our nephews, but our thinking was that people have a better time if they can relax a bit and not have to worry about what their children are up to, we wouldn’t have said no if people has asked if they could bring them though.”

“We didn’t invite children to our wedding as it was such a small do of only 20 guests.  If I’m truthful I never even gave a thought to any baby sitting issues etc this may have presented to our guests who did have children, as I didn’t have children of my own the thought never even occurred to me! As a parent now, it is easier to take my child to a wedding with me as I don’t have to get a baby sitter and then make sure said baby sitter has everything they may need for the day. However if I do take my child I don’t enjoy the day as much as your always dreading that they’ll be the child that throws a wobbler during the ceremony or speeches, and you have to sort their meal out for them when you want to be enjoying yours etc. If there are a few children there it’s not too bad as your child’s behaviour gets drowned out by the others but if there isn’t really any other children there I think I’d prefer to go solo.”

Below are some great links with other pro / against arguments for inviting children

Please feel free to add comments on whether you are planning on inviting children or as a parent what your preference is or have you struggled with any offended guests are a result of not having invited their children?

If you are having any children at your wedding here’s some ideas for keeping them occupied over on our Pinterest:

Next week is the debate on adding plus ones to invitations…



Austrian Alpine Themed Wedding

We have just recently returned from my cousins wedding in Austria having had the most amazing time with family celebrating amidst the gorgeous scenery.

Hanna is technically my half cousin, our Grandma’s are sisters and originally from Switzerland having met our Grandads in the war when they were evacuated to Austria so it holds that extra something special that Hanna should be married here.  Both Hanna and Chris teach sports subjects and have both been dedicated skiing fans since school having both also worked in ski shops when at university so they decided to base their wedding on their joint love of skiing and hold it at their favourite resort Mayrhofen in Austria.

Bride arriving

The venue

The venue

The pictures just don’t do it justice the scenery was so perfect it looked like a backdrop,  we even had some snow just in time for us to go outside for photographs – no confetti needed!

The happy couple!

The happy couple!

Congratulations again Hanna and Chris and we’re looking forward to celebrating back at their UK celebration tomorrow!

A long overdue wedding update!

Apologies for the lack of bride to be diary posts it’s been a manic time Mr and all things nice has had an appendicitis following which he’s had some further complications meaning that my mind has been elsewhere and the wedding planning has been put on the back burner – amazing how you can go from being fairly organised to feeling a little disorganised so easily!

We have made bits of progress giving notice with the registrar and we now have our final bridal party asked and accepted.  We asked them with fab magnet cards from Bedcrumb (with the exception of Mr AATN’s friends who he’d already asked!) which I’d seen featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine.  They absolutely loved them and all seemed really surprised to get them in the post so I’m pleased I spent the time ordering them.

Bedcrumb 3 Bedcrumb 2

Bedcrumb was founded in 2007 by designer/illustrator Heidi Cannon with each product made with love and attention to detail in the UK.  With the tag line enjoy browsing and buying and remember to be self-indulgent, eat cake in bed and forget about the bedcrumbs!  I love it I think sometimes you just identify with a brand and the service Heidi has provided has been fantastic.  The cards all arrived really quickly especially in light of them each being personalised and Heidi was really helpful with advising on wording and designs etc.. I could even pick the colour of the envelopes – naturally the girls got pearlised pink!  They are of a really high quality too –  I will definitely be visiting again for cards in the future and absolutely recommend 🙂

We’ve a fairly large bridal party but have managed to include sisters, brother, nieces, nephew, and friends who we know will all make an amazing contribution in their own special ways.

I promise the next update will be sooner this time as I really am now in full speed ahead wedding planning mode!



Links: Bedcrumb:

Bridal Reloved

I spent a lovely Friday afternoon with Kate the owner of Bridal Reloved in Beverley chatting away all things wedding whilst having a cuppa and chill out on their lovely comfy sofa, yes this was technically work!

Bridal Reloved for those yet to discover it is a selling agency of wedding dresses based in Beverley, East Yorkshire.  They sell wedding dresses on behalf of customers that have either been worn once and cleaned or for whatever reason are unworn.  For brides to be this basically translates to amazing wedding dresses at fantastic prices and for brides who have used their dress a great opportunity to not store their wedding dress in the loft and move house with it six times before finally donating it to charity or the textile bank! 

There is a gorgeous photo on the shelf next to the sofa of Kate’s grandparents on their wedding day and the dress her Grandma wore like many dresses from this era was made into a Christening gown for their children and still remains the family Christening gown now with approximately 24 family babies having worn it!  We are much less likely to put dresses to this use these days for various reasons from lack of time to most of us lacking the required sewing skills so selling your dress on is the obvious modern way to reuse it.

Kate is in excellent spirits despite having back surgery just before Christmas and has every reason to be with a business less than a year old and growing from strength to strength and a diary full of appointments with brides to be.  It’s a fantastic concept which came to Kate after she tried to sell her own wedding dress online via a popular auction site and realised that it’s not as easy as thought as really brides like to see the condition and try on wedding dresses being such an important part of their big day.  After working down south in castings Kate decided to move back to her Yorkshire roots where there was no such selling service and Bridal Reloved was born.

Bridal Reloved 1

The concept behind the business is straight forward all the dresses they take in must either be unworn or cleaned and they charge a 30% commission when the item sells.  Brides like at any other bridal boutique are best making an appointment so they have the lovely large changing room all to themselves and their bridesmaid / mum can have the sofa to watch the twirling!  They charge a maximum of £600 for a wedding dress but also have a rail of dresses under £200.  The designers they have in include Vivian Westwood, Ian Stuart, Maggie Sottero just to name a few.  If there’s one thing us ladies like it’s a bargain!  They also only accept dresses that are less than 5 years old most have which have normally been cleaned and taken straight in so the designs are very current.  To date they have stocked and sold dresses from a size 6 – size 26 so there should be something for everyone to try on size wise.

Bridal Reloved Dress Rail

Should your perfect dress be a size too big or a little too long you need not worry as if you don’t already have someone you know who does adjustments they have Charlotte Tuthill on site above the shop who can do these for you too.  Rather excitedly I’m starting Charlotte’s sewing classes tonight as a side point – I will report back on whether she can work miracles and teach me to sew again!

On the other floor above is also a show room of tiaras etc….So you can literally walk away with your entire wedding day outfit with one friendly visit.

Bridal Reloved Accessories

Kate is full of funny stories my favourite being the time she said to a bride to pop her shoes on to give her some height in the dress and she already had them on, woops! The bride and Kate were both in fits of laughter at this point and this very much sums up how fun and friendly the Bridal Reloved team is.

I highly recommend a visit and a like of their Facebook page so you can see some of the amazing dresses as they get them in.

Due to the success of the business plans are underway to open a classified page on their website due to having such a waiting list for bringing dresses in soon they will have these on the list advertised on the website to provide an additional buying and selling option for brides. 

I wish Kate every success with the expansion plans and below you can find links to their social media sites to keep up to date with the amazing dresses they are getting in.



Bridal Reloved Facebook:

Bridal Reloved Website:

Bridal Reloved Twitter:

Bridal Reloved Pinterest:

Bridal Reloved Details